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JustDNS are specialists in the Domain Name registration sector. We're passionate about what we do, and aim to ensure the hightest standards and quality of service for our customers.

JustDNS are a proud Member and Registrar of Nominet UK, the registry for all .UK domain names. As part of our membership, we are held to the highest standards in Domain Name Registration, Customer Service, Data Quality and prompt administration for all services surrounding your registration with JustDNS.

We believe your journey doesn't stop the moment you have registered your domain, it's an on-going partnership to fullfil your business needs.           

Registrant Information

JustDNS are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our customers. As a member and registrar we are bound by our own strict set of Terms and Conditions, details of which can be found at https://registrars.nominet.uk/uk-namespace/registrar-agreement/.

You as a .UK registrant using JustDNS are entering into an agreement with Nominet, the UK Governing registrar for .UK domains. We have made it easy for you to find Key Information below, however, if you have any questions please Contact Us   

Registrant Agreement

When you purchase a .UK domain, you are agreeing to the Registrant Terms and Conditions.

This agreement is reviewed periodically, therefore we recommend that you review this regularly before purchasing or renewing your .UK domain.


JustDNS put security at the forefront of everything we do and so do Nominet. Nominet have a Cyber Security strategy that we work with to follow and adhere to, as well as our own internal security processes.


Customer Services 

JustDNS strive to provide the highest quality Customer Services to our customers.

Whilst we operate an online only customer service, to ensure our costs are kept to a minimum which we can pass onto our customers, this doesn't stop us from responding to your requests in a timly manne.

Should you require change to your Domain or DNS, updating your contact information and anything associated with your .UK domain (including complaint and abuse complaints) we aim to respond within 24 hours 365 days a year.    

Our commitment to you

As a customer of JustDNS and a registrant within the .UK namespace, we commit to the following:

  • Make you aware of your contract with us before the contract is made and before renewal, and make you aware of any changes to key terms in our contract
  • Make you aware of Nominet’
    s Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration before the contract is made and before renewal
  • Act promptly on a reasonable request from registrants to makes changes to their domain names
  • Provide our customers with a minimum of one expiry notice 30 days before expiry of their domain name
  • Make customers aware of domain renewal and expiry policies and procedures, and have notification processes in place


As a UK organisation, we are bound as Data Controllers by the GDPR legislation. We therefore work hard to ensure that your Data is only used for the purpose in which it is intended.

We do not sell nor share your data with anyone else, and only data for the purposes of contact and your Nominet Registration are kept.  

Disputes and Resolution

During your registration with JustDNS, in the unlikely event that you encounter a dispute whether with us or with any of your .UK Domain Names we aim to work to resolve them as quickly as possible directly with you. However, as a Nominet Registrant we would like to highlight the DRS framework that Nominet use to resolve disputes ranging from Registration, Ownership and a variety of other dispute area.

Get in touch

JustDNS offer an online only service, therefore should you wish to contact us please use the form below or email us with the email address on this page and we will respond to you within 24 hours. If your enquiry is urgent, complaint or to report abuse complaint, please specify this in your communication so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.